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Painting Characters on Canvas with Acrylic Paint age 10 - 18

The workshop will be led by Yvonne Stewart of ‘Coramantic’. Based in Balmullo, Yvonne creates quirky playful illustrations in soft bright colours. In this 4 hour workshop you will create an acrylic painting on a mini canvas of a character/characters you have invented. You will learn the basics of painting with acrylic and experiment with intuitive painting techniques, this will then develop into character creation. Students will make experimental sheets to begin, familiarizing themselves with acrylic. Final paintings will be completed on a 7cm x 7cm or 7cm x 9cm canvas and will come with a mini easel to display at home.

Materials will be provided but remember your packed lunch! Tea, coffee, juice and biscuits available at the Centre.


SATURDAY 2 MAR I 10am – 2pm I Youths 10+ £18


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