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We are holding another Community Consultation!

What do YOU value in your community, what do you want and need in the community?


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You may have heard whispers in the village about what is happening with Forgan Arts, and our work to keep Leng Home as a Community Asset


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For those who don't already know, Forgan Arts Centre has been running for over 40 years. And the past few years we have grown enormously, in fact, there's not much more growing we can do before we burst at the seams!  Just imagine, Art debris everywhere!


Earlier this year, as discussed at our AGM, the Forgan building was ‘handed back’ to the landowners. Unfortunately, the new lease terms on offer to us leaves complete responsibility for the building and it’s maintenance with the Centre and means there is no way for us to apply for Capital Funding in which to look after the building, or to grow the Centre and expand the activities available.


For the past few years now, the Council, our local Councillors, our Coordinator and our Committee members have been working hard to look into all of the options available to help secure Forgan Arts for the future, including alternative buildings should we have needed to be rehomed.


In April we sent everyone a questionnaire about your thoughts and aspirations for the Centre, the results of which were presented at our AGM, when we hosted our first ‘Forgan Future Fest’.


The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and your ideas mirrored our own in that–

we need bigger premises, with more storage, disabled access, more classrooms and an outdoor area just to keep up with our current needs!


Working with the council, we have now found a building that is perfect for the Centre’s needs. It is -

situated in the heart of Newport on Tay

has vast grounds which house a group of allotments and the community gardeners – ‘Leng Growers’

is a building with a variety of rooms over three floors,  a commercial kitchen and oodles of space for class storage

larger than our current building and would give Forgan Arts Centre the space it needs to expand

able to provide opportunities for social enterprises to work with us and to create a sustainable income to secure Forgan Arts Future


Currently, the building is occupied by a group who only use one room for a portion of the day, and the Council were looking to relocate the group to a more suitable venue. When it was proposed that Forgan consider the building as a future home, we initially offered to work with this group so that the group could stay in this venue. However, it was made clear to us that the group staying there is not an option and that they will be moving and this building will become empty.


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In short, we cannot afford to stay in our current building with the lease terms, nor will we be eligible for funding here, or be able to grow.

Owning the proposed building will allow us to apply for capital funding, open more funding routes, create multiple community opportunities and provide us with a Centre in which we can again grow.


With the support of our local Councillors, we have now submitted a Community Asset Transfer stage one application which has been accepted and the CAT2 application is underway.

We are on an amazing adventure with Forgan but it will take all of us working together to secure it’s future.

As Members and as friends of Forgan, you all have an important role to play, we need



Forgan Arts will host another Consultation

on Tuesday 3rd March

6.30pm at the Rio



we will be sharing our information and gathering all of the thoughts, opinions, dreams, ideas, aspirations and support from anyone interested in the future of Forgan Arts Centre, and in turn the Community that we are all part of and of which we serve .


We would love for as many people as possible to come along and share! If you can’t make it, please email us to let us know your thoughts or to share your support.


GET IN TOUCH! - Every effort made to tell us what you think, will help us to secure our bid.





Contact us on:[email protected]


Forgan Arts  Community Consultation

Tuesday 3rd March 6.30pm

at the Rio Centre, Newport on Tay