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Further Information for Members in advance of the EGM...

Q - Why is this meeting necessary?

A – The council has informed us that we need to make further changes to our constitution in order for our Community Asset Transfer (CAT2) application to be validated and progress through the CAT2 assessment process. Therefore we have made the requested changes and now require our membership to approve these changes before we can resubmit our CAT2 application. These changes are also relevant to our future funding application to the Scottish Land Fund (SLF) which, if successful, could provide the majority of the finance to pay for Leng Home.

If we do not make these changes, we cannot progress with CAT2 or, assuming success in CAT2, progress to SLF for majority of the funding to acquire Leng Home


Q - Why are changes required?

A – Up until now FAC has been a community of interest where members have taken part in the activities and paid a membership fee. The membership has been drawn from across Fife, Dundee and Angus. The requirements of the Community Asset Transfer and Scottish Land Fund, legally and in terms of eligibility, are that the FAC becomes a community of place and must be defined as a geographical area and that a minimum of 51% of the membership live within the defined community.


Q – What are the specific changes that need to be made?

A – We need to


1.Define the geographical area as Tay Bridgehead Council Ward

2.Have a two tier membership structure based upon where our members reside  - which will impact upon voting rights

3.Have a Management Board that reflects the same minimum 51% being resident on the geographical area

4.Change ‘membership’ to be free of charge for everyone

5.Charge fees for classes and workshops  and a subscription fee to access discounts etc


Q – What is the proposed structure of the two tier membership?

A – The structure proposed is as follows –


Ordinary Members will be > 16 years old and residents of the defined geographical and will have voting rights at AGM/EGM or any other meetings called by the management board. Ordinary Members will comprise >51% of the total membership and be eligible to stand and serve on the Management Board


Associate Members – will be > 16 years old and residents outside of the geographical area and have no voting rights but may stand and serve on the Management Board.


Junior Members – will be 12-16 years old and have no voting rights and cannot stand or be members of the Management Board


Membership of Forgan will be free to all who wish to join the centre and support its activities.

The type of membership you have will be determined by where you live


To attend classes and workshops members of all types and non-members can opt to pay class or workshop fee or access discounts and special offers via an annual subscription.


For example


John of Dundee attends pottery class – he is automatically an Associate Member, he pays a subscription fee to access discounts on his class fees. He cannot vote but has his views taken into account through the Associate member representative on the Management Committee.

Jane from Newport attends pottery  - she is automatically an Ordinary Member, she chooses not to pay the subscription fee and therefore pays the full price for all classes she attends. Jane has voting rights at any EGM/AGM and may serve on the Management Committee.


Q – How will FAC determine the membership status?

A – In our constitution it is clearly stated that we must keep an up to date register of all our members. Therefore we need to have every member’s address to know the member’s post code and date of birth to determine who is an Ordinary, Associate or Junior member


Q – How will FAC ensure the minimum Ordinary Membership % is maintained?

A – FAC will monitor the numbers of each category of member and develop a process to control numbers accordingly. It will not be necessary – as is now the case – for people to be members to access any of our services/classes. Anyone can do so by paying the relevant fees.


Q – How will FAC make these changes?

A – FAC will be able to ‘convert’ our existing membership to the two tier structure electronically. However we will need ALL our members to provide address and DOB information (which will be done under correct data protection (DPRA) conditions ) to ensure we have this as current and accurate as possible.


Q – What is the real impact of these changes on our members?

A – It does mean that those members who reside outside of the geographical area will lose their voting rights but there will be representation on the Management Board for Associate Members who cannot vote but will be able to speak for Associate members at board meetings.


At all times FAC will still be asking and actively encouraging ALL members to contact us with questions, comments, ideas, feedback by all the usual means, directly, email, letter, telephone etc.


It is critical to emphasise how important ALL our members are to Forgan.

The Management Board wants to assure you that they value and welcome all your views, opinions and support for Forgan whatever category of member you fall into.



MARCH 26TH, 2020