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with Jen Robson


In this throwaway society there is a growing movement encouraging the age old ethos of ‘Make Do and Mend’ or more recently ‘Repair Don’t Replace’. Marilyn has been mending and repairing garments for many years.  In this workshop students will bring along an item in need of repair and after discussion and consideration of the samples provided the garment will be given new life!  Patch an elbow or a knee, darn a hole in the heel of a sock or embellish an item with Swiss darning.  You will be inspired to go home and fill a basket with garments for mending rather than sending them to landfill! If you wish to darn a hole or embellish a garment bring yarn of your preference for stitching with. For those who want to patch an elbow or a knee bring a suitable piece of fabric that you want to patch with. Marilyn will also provide a limited selection of yarn and darning needles.

Tea and coffee available at the Centre, but please bring a packed lunch and remember your garment to repair!


SATURDAY 17 AUG I 10.30AM – 2.30PM




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