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Forgan has been serving the community since the 1860's.

The Forgan School was built in the late 1860's by the local gentry for the children of the various estate employees. The ground was initially donated by St Fort, so long as the building remained as a place of education. After the 1870 Education Act the building was taken over by the council as there was another school in Newport for the town children.


Forgan School closed in 1974 and the Art Centre was born, run by a volunteer committee and becoming a Registered Charity.


There has been a variety of classes for children and adults offered over the years and the centre has always been a hive of activity.


Forgan Arts Centre became independant of Fife council in 2014, though they have remained supportive through Grants and guidance.

In 2016 Forgan Arts Centre became an SCIO no SCO08537