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Here is a short list of some materials you may need to bring/ purchase from your tutor.



Glass Workshops

Students can purchase glass and accessories direct from the tutor if there is a specific colour they require. Such requirements need to be notified 10 working days in advance to ensure delivery on time.  


Art of the Picts Workshop

The Art of the Picts participants are requested to bring loose canvas for dyeing and using for rubbings.


Upcycle Jewellery Workshop

Bring your own unwanted/ worn out jewellery!


Wonders of Watercolour

It  will be useful to have the following items with you. Source material – some/a photo, sketch or object you would like to work from. Pencil and rubber A4 or A5 pad of watercolour paper 140lb/300g or watercolour block ( the pages are all joined together ) Watercolour paints, pans or tubes ( small box of Windsor and Newton are popular ) at around £10 Watercolour brushes, recommend size 2, 5 and 9 Tissues Masking tape I look forward to meeting you in September.


Summer Sketching

Please bring some ball point pens (black plus a few other colours), a pencil, a set of good-quality watercolours, a medium brush and a jar for water. You should also bring some watercolour paper and A4office paper.